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New Voices, New Choices: Who Will TRULY Represent Us?

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"No more politics as usual" is a phrase often heard, but what does it really mean? We can all agree that the corrupt two-party system in America is not working, and leaves hundreds of millions of Americans out in the cold. If there's anything these past weeks and months have taught us, it is this: the time has come for a serious third party to organize and come to power to represent those of us who are freezing out here!


This is the moment, the opportunity of a lifetime, to form and build a viable Patriot Party!


We, the hardworking everyday People of America, demand change. Instead of elected officials who are little more than the puppets of corporations and the billionaire donor class who literally pay for lawmakers to custom-make laws for them, we want representatives who truly and actually REPRESENT US.


Imagine that.


Representatives who will empower us- normal, average, every day American citizens.

Representatives who have the ability to work within the existing political framework, shape it to make our voices heard, advocate for us, and change the laws that oppress our personal and working lives every minute of every day!


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No more wolves in sheep's clothing. We need to field the real deal- authentic, strong, smart people who come from the same economic backgrounds and communities that we do.

We cannot continue to rely on or support career politicians and their allies who are beholden to lobbyists and special interests, and whose true main goal is to line their own pockets and gain more power.

In other words, we need to keep our Patriot Party PURE! How do we do this? By recruiting candidates from our very own communities- even the smallest ones!

Starting from the ground up and at the local level: Who are the best and the brightest in YOUR family and community? Who do you TRUST? Of course, older people with life experience are critical in this (and all other) movements.


But as the history of political movements has proven, it is the young people who form the backbone and propel the momentum. They have the energy, idealism, determination, and room to grow into many years of Patriot Party public service. Plus, they will need years and decades to work their way up to the top levels of government. 


You can encourage and mentor the young people you know in your community in political activism. Recruit them to work for the Patriot Party, preferably alongside yourself! There is plenty of work to do! (Please see the list towards the end of this article.)


We must field candidates for local, state, and even Federal offices in upcoming elections who will never give up their allegiance to the every day hard-working people they are entrusted to represent.


Remember this: once elected, our newcomer elected officials are thrust into a completely different world- the halls of government. Instead of campaigning and being surrounded by their community members and fellow Patriots and supporters, they are now the minority party representative, learning the ways of legislating and performing the duties of their office. Hearing from their constituents, but also lobbyists This is when the influence from fellow politicians from the two other parties begins.


It happens over and over: many an idealistic newcomer to elected office will, after a while, begin turning their gaze toward the potential rewards they could reap by forming alliances with those who promise more money and more power, whether fellow politicians of other parties, big business interests, or lobbyists. Our representatives must be held continually accountable, kept in line, and called out if and when they sell out!


That is why we cannot succumb to the temptation to take money from people or groups whose real underlying goal is to further the establishment RINO corporate agenda. We need to be on the lookout for this- every time a donor makes a donation to one of our Patriot Party organizations or candidates, check out who that donor is! What are their business interests? Who else do they donate to? Does anyone else in your Patriot Party network know anything about them? This cannot be emphasized enough. We learned this the hard way from being involved in local politics.


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1.Join the Patriot Party movement in your state so they have your contact information and can keep you updated. You can find them on social media, especially Twitter.


(Note: We are currently compiling a "PATRIOT PARTY NETWORK" page with all State parties' websites and contact info, please check back soon for this!)


2. Attend meetings or assume a leadership role in your LD (Legislative District)


3. Help your state Patriot Party collect party signatures. 35,000 signatures are needed to create a party.


4. Donate. We need your time, talent and treasure to help us advance constitutional conservative efforts.


5. Spread the word about the Patriot Party!


Would you like to write a Guest Blog Post for us? We give you a forum for your writing to be seen by our many readers, and a byline! (You might even change a mind or two!)


We welcome constructive, thoughtful articles or opinion pieces (800-1200 words) based in real- world facts and moderate in tone. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY incitement to hate, violence, radicalization, or bullying language.


Some blog topic ideas to get you thinking:


Why I am excited about the Patriot Party!


What should be in the Patriot Party platform, and how it will it distinguish itself from the Republican platform?


How and why does the Republican Party no longer serve our needs?


Suggestions for Patriot Party leaders- who should they be and how do we find them?


How to unify the Patriot Party? What the various groups/ interests/goals/desires are within it? Why unification is important for building a strong party.


Why should mainstream Republicans consider leaving the GOP and joining the Patriot Party? What can we do to attract them?


What do real everyday Americans want from their elected representatives?


You can write on any topic relevant to the Patriot Party.

It does not have to be perfect writing, as our professional writing/editing team can help you edit your article.


Please submit your article (or proposal for one) to: 


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