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Pay Your Taxes So Corporations Don't Have to!

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USA Patriot Party blog we pay taxes so corporations don't have to, they pay zero


We pay taxes so they don't have to!

We all know the Left is pushing socialism, and socialism doesn't work. 'Free Everything" is just a sales pitch for "Poverty For All".

We all pay a lot of taxes and know that our government needs this money.

But when we add up sales taxes, local, state and Federal income taxes, payroll taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, cigarette taxes. etc, most of us actually end up paying more than 35% in taxes.

That's TOO MUCH!

So what should our tax rate be? Zero? Of course not.

But the fact is that corporate tax avoidance remains rampant under our current tax laws.Corporate Tax Avoidance Remains Rampant Under New Tax Law

What should Amazon pay? They made $13 BILLION DOLLARS in 2019 so it's not like they are broke.

How about Delta Air Lines? They made just over $6 Billion Dollars in 2019 so they aren't broke either.

Most of us are just trying to get by, but we still have to pay a lot of taxes. If I made $6 Billion Dollars, I might decide to give my 5,000 closest friends a million dollars each just to say thanks and scrape by with only 1,000 Million Dollars to pay for rent, gas, and my other expenses for the year.


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Guess what? Delta Airlines didn't actually pay any taxes! But wait- it gets worse, or better if you're Delta....they actually got money back. Yep! They didn't just pay Zero Taxes, the IRS actually gave them our money!!!

How much? Only $94 million dollars, so they had a negative tax rate.... but wait, you're thinking with this whole covid thing they probably needed our money, and you're happy to help them through a rough patch, right?

Maybe not, but then what about 2018, there was no covid then, right?

Sure Delta only made $5 Billion Dollars in 2019 and there was no covid then so what was their tax rate......hint.....it wasn't ZERO. IT WAS LESS THAN ZERO!!! Not only did they not pay Federal taxes, but Uncle Sam decided to give them $187 Million Dollars of OUR Money!


Now back to Amazon. Amazon had record profits last year and the year before that too. And yes, they did pay taxes. So what was their tax rate? 1.2% on $13,285,000,000.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Here's a list of 60 Fortune 500 Companies that paid ZERO Federal TAXES in 2018, from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.

If this doesn’t make you mad as hell, nothing will!



 Netflix and Amazon paid no Federal taxes. Other companies on this list include Chevron, Delta Airlines, Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, General Motors, Gannett Publishing, Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Halliburton, IBM, Jetblue Airways, Principal Financial, Salesforce.com, US Steel, and Whirlpool. 


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Why is our government up to its eyebrows in debt, yet giving away our hard-earned tax dollars to companies that make billions?


Well, if you've ever 'donated' over $30,000 to a politician, you wouldn't have to ask who they are actually working for. If you haven't, then don't be surprised if it seems like they just don't care about the government dis-service you are getting.


Sure, politicians will talk a lot about how much they care about us. How much they care about small business...but when it comes to what they do....that's a different story.


And it's not just the high taxes on everything you can possibly imagine, and a lot of stuff you don't even know about, it's the paperwork.


If you are a small business owner you likely spend about a third of your time just filling out the forms before you can actually pay 'what you owe' to the Feds, States, Cities, and Counties, that are taxing you on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. And, God Help You if you make a mistake because you don't understand all of the thousands of requirements to accurately calculate how much you 'owe'.


Guess what? Big Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations have to fill out a ton of paperwork too, but they love it. They just hire a few office drones to take care of it. This costs them less as a percent than what you pay for your morning coffee. Then they pocket their big refunds, or better yet subsidies and smile knowing that all of us regular working people will never grow our companies to the point where we can compete with them.


And it gets even worse. The millions of government minions need to justify their jobs, so they have to 'go after people', but who is it they go after? Is it the big tax cheats with high-powered law firms on retainer, or is it the little guy who just made a mistake filling out a stack of forms after a long day of trying to make a living?


Paul H. had a five-year audit over the liability of his C corporation. Right off the bat the IRS served Paul with a $110,000 personal tax lien, because the IRS auditor mis-categorized money he’d invested into the corporation as income. He had to pay $60,000 in attorney and CPA costs fighting the fine and ended up have to close his small business, and let fifteen people go. He tried to appeal the IRS ruling because the IRS never sent out the required notices of deficiency. Still he couldn't even challenge the IRS auditor’s claims.


Now take an everyday thing like buying tickets to a game or concert. The big ticket resale companies buy up those tickets before you even have a chance, then make a big profit by selling those tickets at hugely inflated prices to you, the "regular guy" who just found out the tickets were available. Why is this even legal? Because it generates more and higher sales taxes for the government.


The IRS is out of control. They will gladly crush our small businesses for any small mistake while ignoring the real tax cheats that shelter billions of dollars in profits, often offshore. This is how they look like they are doing their job while not rocking the boat.


Tax Court will cost you thousands in legal fees on top of the ever-accruing IRS penalties and late charges.


Even the IRS said our friend Tim had a “hellish ordeal” when their CPA made an innocent mistake that triggered an audit. They got in touch with the FREE Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS),

Ten Things to Know about the Taxpayer Advocate Service: https://viridianadvisors.com/ten-things-to-know-about-the-taxpayer-advocate-service/


This pissed off the IRS agent so she ignored the TAS, and really went after Tim with a vengeance. This agent had fabricated findings because she didn’t have time to review their nearly 4,000 pages of provided documents. Tim went on to spend more than 30 months and $95,000 in accounting and legal fees to defend their company against an expense audit.


And still major corporations with billions in profits often pay NO TAXES, or worse yet get taxpayers' money from our government and end up making money from the IRS.


Whose money? Our Money!


Even Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, is appalled. He says  it's wrong that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary:



The Lib-Left politicians and operatives talk about socialism in their attempt to put us all on the Road to Serfdom. The Globalist RINOS work for Wall St.


What do they all have in common?

Long careers in the Swamp where they magically get rich! Amazing, considering House Reps and Senators make $174,000 a year. Pretty good, but considering the Swamp mints multi-millionaire Congressmen every year we have to wonder- what's going on? Who are they really representing?


The Patriot Party represents US! Working People, Small Business.


We believe the people we elect should work for US and not get rich making side deals with Wall St.


Help US. Help return the USA to a country where everyday hardworking Americans get a fair shake.


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