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What Do We Want? To Get Government Off Our Backs!

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What Do We Want? To Get Government Off Our Backs!

Who exactly do the Swamp Creatures in DC work for? They work for themselves.

Who feeds these Swamp Creatures? The lobbyists!

Anyone who thinks elected officials actually represent us, is drinking the Kool-aid. Regular people like us might donate a few hundred dollars to people who say they are going to represent us, while Big Business, PACs, and special interests put millions in their campaign coffers.

So what do we get? Swamp Creatures who say they are going to do what we want, but they are bought and paid for by groups that just want to keep us down.

Sure, the Swamp Creatures give us lip service, but when it actually comes to giving us good government, think again.

Our forefathers rose up against the British Crown because of Taxation Without Representation. And where are we now? We are not only taxed a thousand times more than our forefathers, we are "Regulated Out of Existence."

Every time we try to get ahead, for example by opening our own small business, there are not only more and higher taxes, but also a mountain of regulations, requirements, certifications, paperwork, documentation, applications, absurd code compliance, permits, ordinances and endless hoops we have to jump through BEFORE we can even start trying to make a living to support our families! These take many months and sometimes years to complete, and cost many thousands of dollars, often requiring loans.


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Most of us regular people who try to just earn a decent living by our own hard work with our own small business spend at least a third of our time bowing and scraping to our Lords on High, getting this permit, or that certification, or filling out an endless pile of forms.

Who loves this?

Big Business does! Think for a minute. This huge burden of taxes, regulations, forms, and permits is designed to keep us down. It is designed to keep small business from growing to be competition of Big Business.

Think back to your grandparents' time. There were small businesses everywhere. Main St. was thriving. Going to the corner grocery store was supporting small business, because small local brands of everything filled the shelves. Your money spent in these small local businesses was kept in your own community, and supported real people and families in your own neighborhood.

Now, things have changed. Everywhere looks pretty much like everywhere else. Almost everything is part of a Big Business. Why? Because Big Business loves regulations. What consumes 30 or 40 percent of the time and effort of a small business, is about 3 percent of the overhead of a Big Business. Big Business has a Legal department, an HR department, "permitting consultants," lawyers on retainer, and our local politicians in their back pocket.

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A friend of mine retired and decided to live her lifelong dream of having a small store. Part of what she sold was packaged foods, the kind you would find in gas stations. The local "Health Department" decided to make her life a living Hell. They made her spend thousands of dollars on "upgrades" that were required to sell food, just like if she were a restaurant.
She pointed out that all of her food was pre-packaged and not prepared on-site. It didn't matter. She tried to appeal and found out that her local permitting officials didn't have to enforce their regulations in a fair and even-handed way! Worst of all they were not answerable to anyone, there was no appeals process, and they could do whatever they wanted to! In the end she was forced to install expensive plumbing, a double sink, and a grease trap. She literally never used any of it, as no food was ever sold there that required those upgrades.

Another friend of mine wanted to open a sandwich shop because he made the best sandwiches anyone ever ate. He put his life savings into making his shop amazing because his sandwiches were amazing and he wanted his shop to reflect that. The "health code" was for wooden counters so he had a beautiful hardwood counter custom-built for his shop.


When it came time for inspection, the regulations had changed and stainless steel counters were required! He had to rip out over $20,000 worth of custom counters and spend even more money to replace them with what his local health department wanted, which wasn't nearly as nice. So came the time for another inspection and guess what?

The regulations had changed AGAIN, and he was told to rip out the stainless counters and replace them with wood. By this time he was broke and went under. His life savings were gone. His dream was dead, and he died along with it.

A Subway franchise opened there just like everywhere else, and they just sailed through the local health department and permitting.

Another example is my friend who always dreamed of serving healthy food to kids in school just like her mother did. Her mother was in charge of a school kitchen that lovingly cooked delicious, nutritious food at her school when she was growing up, and she wanted to do the same.

Only it's not like it was back in her mother's time. Her mom was a high school graduate, but things had changed and my friend knew she had to go to college and get a degree in "Nutrition". Not only did she need a degree, she also had to intern.


Now "Intern" isn't just a "nice word" for slave labor, or working for free, but she actually had to PAY THEM so she could work for free! With a mountain of student debt, and another job just to pay the bills, she now had her internship slave labor job too. She also found out that just a BS in nutrition, (and that's what is mostly was- BS) she actually needed a Masters Degree to really go anywhere.


Where did she go? Finally she did get a job as the head nutritionist in a school district.

What was that like? Gone were the kitchens of her mothers time. All the food was now made in "processing facilities" and delivered to the schools. Her job was to fill out all the paperwork proving that the kids got a "nutritious" meal for as little money as possible. Her job was documentation and cutting the cost of feeding every kid down to the bone and then some.

Her mom had been happy. Her mom had made good money. Her mom had spent almost all her time cooking or supervising the kitchen. The little time her mom spent in the office was filling out weekly orders for food or paying invoices. Her mom not only ate the same food as the kids, she would often bring it home too.

My friend on the other hand spends all her time in the office, never sees the kids, and feels terrible about the garbage she feeds them. My friend never eats the crappy "food" the kids are served. She has to work hard every day just to pay off the mountain of debt she had to incur to get a job she doesn't like and can't quit after investing so much money and so many years of her life. She is now enslaved by the system.

Just the tip of the iceberg. Stories like this are everywhere. This is what Big Business and special interests are paying our politicians to do.

They want to Keep Us Down! They want us to be slaves. They want us under their thumbs.





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