Every Purchase Helps Build a NEW Political Party - The PATRIOT PARTY!



December 2020- The New Patriot Party is chartered.

We are now forming in all 50 States!


We are here to "Reclaim and Restore our Republic." We are the brave and fierce hard-working people who built the USA, and keep it running every day.

We are not Republicans or Democrats.
We are not elephants or donkeys!

We are LIONS and we NEVER give up the FIGHT!

The choice is clear: continue with the same old dysfunctional two-party system that no longer serves the American people, or create something new from the GRASSROOTS- UP:
The Patriot Party!

We are fed up with Globalist RINOs and Deep State corrupt career politicians who put their own interests over the people who elected them.


Be a Proud Patriot. Join the Patriot Party in Your State!
In this rapidly developing movement, you can best find and keep up with your state's Patriot Party on social media.
Use hashtags #patriotparty #USApatriotparty

We stand for traditional values, less government, 2A, and fiscal conservatism. We stand for personal, economic, and religious freedom.
For four years President Donald J Trump made great progress in draining the swamp, while Democrat and Republican politicians, the mainstream media, and special interests fought him all the way.
We still have a lot of work to do to KEEP AMERICA GREAT and further Donald Trump's patriotic vision for America.

Stand your ground, FIGHT LIKE A LION, and

show the world what you stand for!

******* Be a Proud Patriot. Join Us! *******

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Every purchase helps build the new Patriot Party!